Trizophos 40% E.C.

Trizo: Trizo is a broad spectrum insecticide miticide and nematicide which belongs to organophosphate group of insectides. 
Trizo exhibits translaminar action in plant with stomach and contact activity on insect pests. Trizo is used against a wide range of sucking and chewing insect pests on various crops. For the control of Bollworms, White fly, Shoot and fruit borner, Stem borer, leaf minor, semi looper, leaf folder, Hispa, Green leaf hopper….. 

Spray dosage – 100 to 150 ml in 100 lit water 

Crops – Paddy, Soybean, Cotton, Brinjal, Chillies, Capscicum….

Profenofos 40% Cypermethrin 4% E.C.

Impact: Impact is a combination insecticide of organophosphorus and synthetic pyrethriod group. Impact offers strong stomach and contact action on insect pests, and it has strong knock down effect. Impact is not pnytotoxic when used as per recommended dosages. It acts as an inhibitor in cholinesterase enzymes formation process in plants. 
Impact is used to control cotton bollworm

Spray dosage – 200 ml in 100 lit water 

Crops –Cotton

Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC

Active Ingredient : Lambda – Cyhalothrin 5 % EC Chemical Group : Synthetic Parathyroid group contact stomach insecticide in liquid form
Mode of Action : LAKSHYA promotes enhanced photosynthetic activity in plants and has longer persistence which leads to healthier plants and better cropyields.
Advantages : LAKSHYA offers quick knock down effect at low application dosages and has faster degradation besides. It provides cross protection for a longer period LAKSHYA is very effective in controlling various kind of chewing insect pests belonging to Lepidoptera and coleopteran as well as sucking insect pests, use of LAKSHYA is quite economical and effective as compared to other regularly used synthetic parathyroid group insecticides. Usage Recommendations : for the control of chewing insect pests – Heliothis, Fruit Borer, Pod Borer, Stem Borer, Diamond Back moth, Leaf Miner etc.
  • Spray Dosage – 125 to 150 ml in 100 lit water for the control of sucking insect pests – Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White fly
  • Spry Dosage – 75 to 100 ml in 100 lit water
  • Crops : Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Tur, Gram groundnut, Soyabean, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilies, Capsicum, Okra, Cabbage, Califlower, Onion, Flowers – Rose, Marigold, Jerbera etc

Acephate 75% SP

Ample: Is acephate based organophosphate systemic insecticides with contact and stomach action. it is cholinesterase inhibitor and disrupts nerve impulse transmission by acting in synaptic regions. It controls chewing and sucking pets of cotton rice and safflower. Due to its synergetic action, when tank–mixed with synthetic pyrethroids, it can control resistant helicoverpa in cotton and red gram. In tank–mixtures with conventional products it is used to control leaf hoppers in rice.

Spray dosage – 100 ml to 200 gms in 100 li water

Crops – Cotton, Rice, Red gram, Safflower…..
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